Measures of effective teaching


The Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project was designed to help teachers and school systems close the gap between their expectations for effective teaching and what is actually happening in classrooms.

The project brought together 3,000 teacher volunteers in six different school districts with dozens of education experts and researchers. The MET project’s goal was to build and test measures of effective teaching to find out how evaluation methods could best be used to tell teachers more about the skills that make them most effective and to help districts identify and develop great teaching.

Over the past three years, the MET project has provided practical insights and tools that continue to benefit teachers and students in classrooms today. These insights have been shared widely with practitioners and researchers in the hope that they offer support for school districts that are creating and designing their own evaluation systems.

Every teacher knows that preparing students for success takes passion, dedication and skill. The MET project’s goal was to attempt to break down and measure those qualities so that other teachers can learn from those who do it best.


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